Spittoon – Ultimate Accessory

Portable Spittoons

A portable spittoon is spittoon that is easy to transport, easy to carry, and is used for dipping. These are some of the products that enable you to have a much cleaner, presentable, and convenient way of chewing whether it be in public, at home, or anywhere else you need to put a dip in.



The best and most proven one is the MudJug. This portable spittoon has been around for years and comes in different colors like black and camo. They are spill-resistant and the dimensions are 4 inches (height) by 5 inches (wide) along with being able to hold up to 6 ounces of fluid. Usually people purchase two so they can cycle them when one is getting cleaned in the dishwasher or drying. Yes they are dishwasher proof which is a great perk. The mud jug is very durable due to its high intensity ABS-based material.

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